Sunday, February 22, 2015

REVIEW: Kine - Meditations in April Green

A review of balls-trippin', trance-inducin', psych-drone-experimentin' group 'Kine', written for Heathen Harvest, and edited by Sage Weatherford.  He changed the simple and straightforward 'Note' to 'Author's note', which seems to me to call into question the rest of the article's authorship; plus instead of the simple and straightforward 'Oh, and what's a garrahand?', he changed it to 'Oh, and are you asking yourself, what’s a garrahand?', which sounds clunky to my ears.  But I can forgive both of these unexpected quirky editorial decisions because he's generally such a nice chap.

"[T]hat’s what proper improvised experimentation is about: leaping into the void without a parachute and trusting that you and your companions have, through years of tireless practise and perseverance, actually grown wings." 

Kine - Meditations in April Green

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