Sunday, November 15, 2015

REVIEW: Dead Man’s Hill Vs. The Earth King – Cycling Between Sun and Moon

A review for the probably-interesting-to-some-people-but-kinda-drawn-out-and-boring-for-me black-metal-meets-throat-singing-meets-industrial-atmospherics project, "Dead Man’s Hill Vs. The Earth King", and their album "Cycling Between Sun and Moon".   Review written for Heathen Harvest, and perhaps slightly over-edited by the invisible-but-ubiquitous Sage Weatherford.

"Even when Piette stops his wannabe-Tuvan vocalising, the music doesn’t do much for me.  Cycling Between Sun and Moon simply sounds generic. The riffs aren’t innovative and the entire album feels like I’ve heard it a thousand times before—better, more interestingly—and the only thing that makes the album at all different (the throat-singing) actually makes it more annoying."

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