Friday, March 4, 2016

REVIEW: Ethereal Mist – Wandering through the Void

Sorry, Ghoul, but your meandering "dungeon synth" doesn't move me.  Review published by Heathen Harvest and gingerly edited by the tireless Sage Weatherford.

"These eight indistinguishable pieces of synth-driven noodling could have been played by a curious cat: indeed, if there was something in the liner notes about how these pieces were actually played by a curious cat, I’d probably be right into this album, in the same way as I am excited by Hatebeak or Caninus (grindcore bands fronted by, respectively, a parrot and a dog).  However, the liner notes omit any such feline interaction, suggesting instead that the tracks are actually played by one ‘Ghoul‘ (whom my research suggests is an Adelaide-based fully human artist who also plays in black metal band Entsetzlich—hopefully not keyboards)."

Ethereal Mist – Wandering through the Void 

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