Friday, June 3, 2016

NEWS: my novel "Beef" now available as a paperback!

Some people like to read books on newfangled electronical machineroids.  That's totally fine, there's no shame in that.  Honestly, that's hunky dory with me: after all, it's way cheaper (like, the price of a large coffee), and it's way more portable (let's face it, when the zombie apocalypse hits, none of our ever-so-precious physical-copy books are making it into the survival pack).  For those technologically-minded modern-type readers, there is an Amazonian version of 'Beef' ready and waiting RIGHT HERE.

BUT!  The exciting news is, there is also now a more papery holdable door-stoppery physical version of 'Beef' available! YES!  Here are the deets:

Binding:Perfect-bound Paperback
Interior Ink:Black & white
Weight:0.75 kg
Dimensions (centimetres):15.24 wide x 22.86 tall
See?  How physical is THAT?  That's totes proper physical, that is. Woohoo!

It's more pricey than the virtual version, but you're paying for more dimensions.  You're paying for heft, baby.  Three-dimensionality ain't for free.

It's available from the very reasonable people at Lulu:

Go get it, tiger!

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