Friday, November 18, 2016

REVIEW: Soiled / Marcus H - Splices and Phases

Moody and diverse experimental electronic ambient from Marcus H / Soiled.  Written for Heathen Harvest, and Sagely edited by Mr Weatherford.

"It’s a really difficult album to categorise, which of course is my favourite kind of all.  It’s ‘experimental’ in that there are no verses, choruses, or traditional song structures, but it’s absolutely coherent and very easy listening.  It’s ‘ambient’ in a similar way, but it’s all quite clearly different pieces with different moods and feels.  It’s ‘electronic’ with its synths and glitchery, but it’s a million miles away from IDM or synthwave.  It’s not even doing anything particularly ‘new’, and yet I honestly can’t say what else it sounds like."

Soiled / Marcus H - Splices and Phases

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