Wednesday, December 7, 2016

REVIEW: Todd Anderson-Kunert - When There Is Nothing Left To Say

High tones meet white noise washes meet laser-pointer sinewaves in blocks of articulated precision, courtesy of Todd Anderson-Kunert.   Review scribbled for Heathen Harvest, editorial assistance by Sage Weatherford.

"The changes between one segment and the next are sometimes gradual as one set of textures sinks away and is gently replaced by another, but more often than not, the changes are abrupt, like the flipping of a switch, one ultra-minimal section of almost unhearable, low subwoofer tones suddenly replaced with a buzz of warm hiss, or a tonal bath of purified sine waves, or a set of super-high frequencies that are so beyond normal hearing that they are almost like a taste in the air, a three-dimensional flavour in the air that can only be tasted by the ear.  And, bugger me, I actually like it."

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