Monday, February 27, 2017

REVIEW: Stephen Palke - Evolutionary Exploration Sequence

Strange songless pieces of art-noise that completely tickled my phant'sy.  Review artisanally crafted for Heathen Harvest periodical, editorially embetterised by Sage Weatherford.

"Each track here takes a singular theme—a particularly nice series of synth sounds, for instance, or an aurally pleasing set of strange effects—and lets them play out until the theme is comprehensively dealt with.  Then it ends, and we’re on to the next piece.  All in all, this CD has the feel of a display cabinet filled with scientific curiosities or a table of lab results more than an ‘album’ or collection of songs.  Each piece has its own interesting set of experimental rules which are allowed to dictate each piece without frills, without ‘beginnings’, ‘endings’, ‘growth’, ‘codas’, or any fancy musical concepts like that, and each piece is completely self-contained, clear, simple, unexplained, and just about perfect."

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