Thursday, March 16, 2017

REVIEW: Svarta Stugan - Aspects of Our Future Selves

Interesting but kinda forgettable post-rock synthcore free-soundtrack kinda tunes by Swedish three-piece Svarta Stugan.   Review artisanally-crafted for Heathen Harvest, editorial assistance by Sage Weatherford.

"The drums pound away with expert precision, hitting all the right beats; the keys warp and weave with all the wowing eighties saw-wave charm you’d want them to, and the guitars are loud when they’re meant to be loud and quiet (or even absent entirely) when it’s the right place for them to quieten down.  But, even though they seem to be doing exactly the right thing musically at all times, not much of it really hit me in the feels (as the young people say these days).  To be clear, there was nothing wrong with any of it, but I wondered if that was exactly the problem:  It was maybe a little too right?"

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