Monday, July 31, 2017

NEWS: 'Beef' scores Number One on Vegan Reading List!

Now, I'm not assuming here that the numerical value of my position is necessarily some kind of value judgment - it could just as easily be "the first thing on the list" as it could be "the very very finest wordular arrangement I've ever seen".  No assumptions are made here about the qualitative nature of this numerical listing, is what I'm saying.  It could be that I was merely lucky, or that the ordering was alphabetical (except then I would've been positioned at third place... but people do make mistakes).  It could be completely and utterly arbitrary.

But - regardless of the presence or absence of any sort of judgment-based ordering practices - 'Beef' is NUMBER ONE on this new and exciting list of "11 Best Vegan Books To Read This Summer"!  Woohoo!  Much awesomeness!

The complete list is over here:

11 Best Vegan Books To Read This Summer (Or Any Other Season, Let's Be Honest)


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