Sunday, October 22, 2017

REVIEW: Andrew Liles - Animal Magick

Animal Magick!

A review for Heathen Harvest, about the wacky magickal misadventures of Andrew Liles.  Animal sounds meet Dadaist vaudeville meets Subgenius-style chaos magick.  Unlike much else I've ever heard.  Precisely edited by Sage Weatherford.

"Animal Magick feels utterly deliberate and complete, which honestly makes it all the stranger. The whole album flows together beautifully:  with each short piece being made of strange isolated ideas smashed together, it’s often impossible to know where one track has ended and the next begun. To give you an idea, the second track alone (‘Pink Toed Ungulates’) includes:  no-holds-barred goose honks; a one-man-band calliope-style section, overlaid with guttural bestial grunting; a section of minimal keyboard meets bird calls; a few bursts of snarling growls, forward and/or backwards; completely asynchronous hand drums; various unrelated peeps and poops; a frenzied tribal section; weird moments of Indian or African stringed drone instruments; maybe two seconds of flute; rising and falling synth noises; and one small moment of classic mountain-peak yodeling."

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