Saturday, March 10, 2018

REVIEW: Twilight Circus and Edward Ka-Spel - 800 Saints in a Day

A review for Heathen Harvest, about the strange pop-weirdness of Twilight Circus and Edward Ka-Spel.  Really not sure where this music should live.  Edited by Sage "Overworked But Happy" Weatherford.

"You never know exactly what the next track will bring, nor what direction a single piece will go in. The starts are rarely like the ends, and there are few signposts along the way to guide you. A piece might start with a tribal-style bongo loop, travel along a path that seems almost Krautrockish, and end with a noise that is somewhere between a deflating balloon and a saxophone solo. ... In nearly every piece on this album, I found myself making assumptions about ‘what kind of song this was’, only to have my assumptions completely pissed on, and found myself going from self-assured critical superiority to slack-jawed awe in the space of minutes, again and again."

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