Monday, October 10, 2016

REVIEW: Amalgamated - Amalgamated

The self-titled album from weirdo art-rockers Amalgamated.  Dream-like and surprisingly beat-filled.  Written for Heathen Harvest, and Sagely edited by Mr Weatherford.

"I think there are just so many other interesting things happening in the sound that the instantly accessible nature of the bold and brazen block-rocking beats doesn’t compromise the whole, but instead actually highlights the strangeness of everything else, contrasted so vividly against the solidity of the drums.  And it’s not like every track is some Beastie Boys hip-hop banger—really, it’s only about half the tracks that sport these massive beats, while the remainder churn and fizz and whirl and pulse with dense surrealist magick."

Amalgamated - Amalgamated

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