Wednesday, May 4, 2016

REVIEW: Boris & Merzbow – Gensho

The heavy amp-worship of Boris and the megalomaniacal chaos of Merzbow, together again - but this time you can mix your own adventure.  Review written for, and published in, Heathen Harvest, expertly edited by the rather competent Sage Weatherford.

"Not only did it create a ‘phenomenon’ where the two sounds meshed in artistic space, but it created a tangible ‘space’—a triangulated three-dimensional field in which I could roam, my own input-orifices live-mixing the audio signals as I turned and perambulated within and without the space created ... The whole experience is really just a lot more intense when it is experienced as a proper 3D sound space you can wander around in." 

Boris & Merzbow – Gensho 

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