Wednesday, May 4, 2016

REVIEW: USHERsan & HIV+ – Black Monolith

A review for the potentially-quite-interesting-but-kinda-sorta-not-actually duet of Ushersan and HIV+.  Reassurringly edited by Sage Weatherford and published in Heathen Harvest.

"As the pulse races on, like a silver mercury heartbeat, living organisms writhe and rant over the top, and all the while alien textures swirl, fizz, and sluice all around in a thick futuristic fog.  This piece does all the things that the rest of the EP fails to do. It evokes, engages, and throbs electronically without sounding cheesy; it doesn’t undermine its extraterrestrial potential with ever-so-Earthling artefacts; it grabs me and drags me along with it, eager, engrossed and out of this world."

 USHERsan & HIV+ – Black Monolith

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