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"“Beef” made me laugh out loud. Lots of times. This novel is also thought provoking, philosophical, warm and modern. With nuanced characters and an engaging plot set in a slightly dystopian Australia of the near future, this novel can be enjoyed on several levels, especially for its dark humour. I really felt for the protagonist, Royston Beef, a kind, awkward, flawed man with a wife and child trying to deal with his unbearable attraction to another woman. Some aspects of the plot could be called science fiction, which is a genre I love, but don’t be put off if you don’t normally read sci-fi. There’s no hard science and the main story is about people and how we deal with each other. Altogether, I highly recommend this book."- Laura Gibb, Lulu Customer

"I loved this book! It hits on all levels: compelling plot, engaging characters with depth, believable dialog, lots of great humor, even a satisfying ending. The author's style is reminiscent of Kurt Vonnegut, though, like Vonnegut, completely original. I picked it up because it has veganism among its many topics, and as a reading vegan I had yet to find a novel covering vegan themes that wasn't cloying or preachy or simplistic. This is none of those and covers many themes beautifully. It's a great read first and foremost! I can't recommend it enough." - Lise, Amazon Customer

"I don’t think I’ve ever read a book quite like this before, and I doubt I will again.  Beef represents, for me, the best of what science fiction and eco fiction have to offer. ...It has a strong viewpoint and voice, without being unpleasantly polemical. Rather than preaching at its readers, or drowning them in gloom, doom, and apocalypse, it draws them in with delightful characters, vivid situations, and laugh-out-loud humor. ...I was on the edge of my metaphorical seat wondering how the author was going to end it. I couldn’t imagine what all the build up was going to lead to that wouldn’t be a disappointment, but Blackwell pulled it off. I totally didn’t see that coming. I also have found that this novel is one that becomes richer on reflection. ...Blackwell’s work deserves an international audience." - K.L. Allendoerfer, Book Reviewer 

"Beef is a heartfelt, sweet and sassy novel written with sensitivity, wicked humour and a carefully crafted storyline full of twisting turns. Mat Blackwell sees the world through eyes as sharp as nails, a mind as shiny as a new pin, & its a treat to spend some time here. Gorgeous, flawed, honest, bumbling, sweating, sexy, strange, insightful & above all - humanly human characters make Beef a delicious vegan adventure of hope, adoration and serious contemplation.  Like John Lennon's "Imagine", Beef asks some fundamental questions, exploring beautiful ideas, seeking a kinder, gentler world on a platter of razor sharp wit and quality expression of a talented Australian writer." - Lulu Customer

"Possibly one of the most enjoyable writing styles I've experienced in a novel, which came as a surprise as I don't usually choose to step into the future with my reading material. There's such a realness to this style that it was like sitting in a comfy chair and having a mate narrate a mammoth story to me in his own words, and whilst along this journey, managing to make me laugh and to start asking myself some of the bigger of life's questions." - Amazon Customer

"Beef is an engrossing and entertaining novel which explores a near future and oh so believable contemporary Australia which is a post-meat eating world. Eating meat from animals is taboo, and all meat is grown in vats. Ethical dilemma solved! Or is it? We explore this world through the eyes of Royston, a sweet and somewhat directionless young man who is happy with his beautiful wife and daughter, and his role in the family vat meat company - the rich, powerful Beef Corporation. Royston meets a luscious musician called Gene - who breathes about fate and destiny all the while, and sends Royston into an absolute tailspin about being faithful to his family. Their stories intertwine ever closer until the novel's devastating climax... I enjoyed this book immensely! Recommended for carnivores and vegans alike, and anyone who has ever wondered whether they can have their cake and eat it too!" - Tanya Loos, Goodreads Reader

"Wow! Loved this novel! Set just a few generations from now made this very familiar and so plausible. The reflection on our generation really hit home in both a confronting and very humorous way. The characters are all someone we know and feel like friends by the end of the novel. This was one of those books you cant help but talk about as you read it.....I've totally ruined it for my partner and friends but will insist they read it. For a fun light hearted novel, it carries an important message." - Andrea Maiden, Amazon Customer
"What a joy to read such an inventive and humorous sci fi novel set in my own backyard. Mat's deft touch with both style and content had me devouring this spicy treat avidly until the last page. Thanks Mat - can't wait for your next novel!" - Andy Sinclair, Lulu Customer

"Awesome chortling out-loud novel! So easy to connect to characters and twisty funny little future pathways for humankind. Loved it :)" - Amazon Customer

"Beef made me laugh out loud so many times I lost count. The characters are real and multidimensional and complex, and the world of vatmeat and the end of eating animals, and all its ramifications, is disturbingly believable. Riding the rollercoaster of potential infidelity was entertaining and harrowing, and I loved being in the main character Royston's over-thinking head. Everyone I know who reads Beef falls a little bit in love with it, and raves about it. It's that kind of book. Highly recommended!" - Nalin Arileo, Goodreads Reader  


BEST SCREENPLAY - Melbourne WebFest, 2017 

BEST DRAMA - Online Video Awards, 2017 

BEST WRITING HONOREE (Film & Video) - Webby Awards, 2017

BEST WRITING (Comedy) - International Academy of Web Television Awards, 2017

BEST COMEDY - International Academy of Web Television Awards, 2017

“We’re absolutely loving this” – Pete Helliar, The Project

“Bruce excavates laughs where you could never imagine them existing, and provides a fine showcase for the talents of both its hilarious cast, and its ingenious creators”- FilmInk

“Bruce sets out to create a new high water mark for web series content and it very well may have done it. Production values are great, the writing sparkles and the cast - yep, that's Angus Sampson from The Mule and Fargo in there - are great from top to bottom." - Screen Anarchy

“Yes, we can do comedy” – Debi Enker, The Green Guide

“The production values have just blown us away” – Carrie Bickmore, The Project

“A must see Australian comedy… Bruce is one of these jaw-dropping productions that look like a movie.” - WebSeriesMag

“very very funny, laugh out loud funny, and it also has fantastic production values” – CJ Johnson,
Moviehole, ABC radio

“peak black comedy”- Pedestrian TV

“Welcome to the world of Bruce, a hysterical new web series completely repurposing Australia's history as a British prison camp in the name of comedy." - Screen Anarchy

“very very funny web series looking at our colonial past” - 2SER

“the premise is so bold, and the chemistry is so good”- Watch This


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