Wednesday, April 26, 2017

ESSAY: In Love With The Monstrous: Why The Hell Am I Attracted To Such Horrible Things?

An essay about my love for the physically and morally repugnant, and some sort of weak attempt at justifying/explaining it, in the context of knowing with some certainty that not everyone considers this interest/attraction "normal".   Published on Heathen Harvest, gently edited by Sage Weatherford.

"Some of us seem drawn to ugly art, strange music, and real-life depravity, and some of us don’t.  I have an inkling that the two are related (being drawn to ugly strangeness in sound/vision, and being interested in ugly strangeness in real life), but of course nothing is ever actually that simple, and I definitely know people who refuse to watch scary/freaky movies but insist on weird/noisy music at all times, so I’m pretty sure whatever conclusions I come up with will be highly variable in their personal mileage, and the whole lumping-this-all-together thing I’m attempting here may very well be a terrible mistake.  But, well, I’m going to attempt it anyway."

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

NEWS: 'Bruce' is a Webby Award Honoree!

I know!  I had no idea there was such a word as 'honoree' either!   But there is!  There is!

And 'Bruce' got honoured - and check this out - IT'S FOR THE WRITING!

That's right: even though it's magnificently shot, amazingly costumed, incredibly cast, brilliantly make-upped, astoundingly acted, staggeringly directed, somehow the Webby folk managed to look past all that full-on epicness and honour us for THE WRITING!  Just mind-blowing.  So cool.  Yay!

Go see proof yourselves!

REVIEW: Seirom - Mesmerized

A review of Gnaw Their Tongues' Mories' strangely soothing synth-ambient project 'Seirom'.  
Written for Heathen Harvest, and gently edited by Sage Weatherford.

"As suggested by the reversed name, it turns out the project Seirom is the very opposite of normal Mories.  For instance, the first piece (and title track) is almost the kind of uplifting indie electro shoegaze that wouldn’t be out of place on an advertisement for the latest ever-so-zippy (but oh-so-roomy) urban sportscar, complete with soaring lush feel-good harmonies and energetic techno drum sounds.  I could almost taste the car deodoriser."

Seirom - Mesmerized

ESSAY: Over the Wall: The Power of Fictional Activism

A short piece about the oft-overlooked power of fighting the establishment, not with angry placards and cold facts, but with engaging characters and immersive storylines.  Published by the very lovely Quo online zine.

"More people have heard, and really listened to, and can sing along with “Imagine” than have ever been to one of our protests.  And it works precisely because it’s fictional – like a sci-fi novel, it merely asks the audience to “imagine” a world without countries or possessions or religion, rather than trying to make an argument using facts or figures.  It’s not presented as a fight, but an invitation"