Friday, January 13, 2017

REVIEW: Golgotha Communications Limited - Gatha Yasna

A review in which I dissed the band for spelling their own name wrong on the front cover of the record.  

 ...but all copies on the internets seem to have fixed that mistake, so when I rant and rave about it in the review, and then all the pictures accompanying the review are spelled correctly, I do look like a complete cockwomble.  But look at that picture - proof!
Review written for Heathen Harvest, editorial kindnesses by Sage Weatherford.

"There are a bunch of tracks here that the album would definitely be better without, or with a tighter edit, or with another layer.  There’s amazing stuff here; Gatha Yasna is really quite great in a whole lot of ways, but it’s kind of let down by the amount of unmoving and/or unfinished material sharing space with it on the album.  And the stuff that is really great more often than not just sort of drifts away without going anywhere, or is way, way too short."

Golgotha Communications Limited - Gatha Yasna


  1. Nothing was fixed on the interwebs, the label made the cover error when they were reformatting the artwork for the disc, they ended up redoing the text. The cover image as seen on discogs is the original image that we sent to them. The text on the physical release is white, on the original image it's our signature pale green-grey. Problems like this are common with small cd-r and cassette releases, if you look closely at your keyboard, you'll notice that the "t" and "r" keys are side by side. Thank you for your time.

    1. Thanks for clarifying! You must've been pretty disappointed. Next time you send CDs for review, best to check they are the ones that are properly formatted... that crucial spelling error coloured the whole experience for me. But, like I said, some really great stuff there!