Monday, July 10, 2017

NEWS: 'Bruce' gets Best Screenplay!

Wok and I accepting Best Screenplay at the Melbourne WebFest, 
as well as two "Ruby Tickets" for the Marseille and Seoul WebFests!

'Bruce' has won another award, and this one really moved me lots.  We won Best Screenplay!  Woohoo! This one was super special for me, because the first thing people see with Bruce is the amazing cinematography and vision - it's hard to miss, really - but this award meant that the judges had somehow seen past the incredible visuals and into the many years of hard work that Wok and I put into the wordular arrangement that lies beneath the eyecandy.  We were nominated for five awards that night, but there was only one that I wanted to win - AND WE DID!

Just so stoked by this.  Very very awesome!

Go Bruce Team go!

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