Wednesday, December 9, 2020




Yay?  Yay!

229 pages of sadness and depravity and death and bad decisions and uncertainty, finally unleashed into the world.   A whole buncha stories, plus self-reflection/director's-commentary/confused-second-guessing-by-the-author at the end of every story. 

Here's what I wrote about it for the Lulu description:

"Terrible stories to ruin your mood, from one of Australia's most-awarded so-called "writers". Depression, betrayal, smut, disappointment, trauma, anxiety, grief, unpleasant imagery you'll never quite get out of your head no matter how hard you try - this little collection of rancid tales has it all! Whether it's horrible things happening to innocent people, or horrible things happening to horrible people, Blackwell's nasty little stories are the perfect blend of puerile ranting and profound nihilism - the ultimate antidote to your joie de vivre, these queasy quasi-narratives are enough to harsh anyone's buzz. (Book comes complete with a gushing foreword by Doug Anthony All Stars frontman and baby-faced angel-man Paul McDermott, with whom Blackwell has helped craft Good News Week, Room 101, Think Tank and so much more.)"

 If that sounds like something you're into, well, feel free to click on this sadface and buy yourself a copy.



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