Wednesday, May 25, 2016

NEWS: my novel "Beef" is published!

In super-exciting news, my satirical sci-fi romance novel "Beef" has been published, through the Amazon Kindle thingie whatsit!  Yes!  Here's what it says on the Amazon Kindle thingie whatsit page:  

"Can an affair be non-physical? Is infidelity really just about meat slapping together? Or is what goes on behind the meat actually more important? ‘Beef’ is a contemporary satire about love, meat, and infidelity, set in an Australia of the incredibly-near future. It is a multi-generational tale of unseen consequences, and the pressures of leaving a legacy. But most of all, it’s the rollicking story of an awkward middle-aged sociophobe’s attempts to be a good partner and a good father and a good son, in the context of desperately trying not to have an affair with a wildly attractive psychic… a psychic who insists they are going to end up together, like it or not, because “it’s destiny”.

From one of Australia's most-awarded comedy writers, ‘Beef’ explores desire and faithfulness in a dystopian future Australia where bizarre cults thrive, where music is advertising, where psychics are out of the closet, and where meat is no longer murder."

So, yes.  You can now purchase futuristic virtual copies of the novel to read on your fancy electronic reading machinery, for the price of a sandwich.  Awesome!

Getcha Virtual eBEEF here!

Print-on-demand physical papery copies of the novel coming soon, once I work out how to push the right buttons.  Booyah!

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