Friday, October 13, 2017

REVIEW: Todd Anderson-Kunert - Almost There 

A review of Australian sound-artist Todd Anderson-Kunert's piece made from musical vibrators and the moaning of people who listened to them with bodyparts other than their ears.  A fascinating idea, perfectly performed, that brings to mind a world of ponderings.  Reviewed for Heathen Harvest and tenderly edited by Sage Weatherford.

"On one hand, there’s the ear experience, but I found myself constantly re-evaluating the quality of the music in terms of how the vibrations themselves, divorced from the hearing of them, might feel when applied to very different organs. A high tone might be painful, but transferred away from the act of hearing has entirely different qualities; a low tone might sound ominous, but feel amazing. Given that this piece was created with the physical feelings in mind, rather than simply to be heard, it kind of has to be judged in a different way to a regular musical release. But, of course, at the same time, it has been released as a musical release to be listened to, and not as a series of specialised art dildos to be felt..."

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