Tuesday, January 21, 2020

FICTION: Undo Their Flow On This

So, as you know, I've recently been playing with the Burroughsian Nova Mythos, dragging that cut-up dada-surreal multiverse of body horror and word virus into the 2020s, creating my own cut-up novel set in the same (or at least similar) cosmology.   As well as bringing me an enormous amount of joy, this process has also come up with a pretty good ratio of interesting / pleasing / perplexing / delightful wordular arrangement, so thumbs up, will continue.

Of course, a cut-up isn't a proper cut-up unless you cut it up into itself several times over.  So I've been taking chunks of the cut-up novel and cutting those up too - and I like some of these results even more than the novel itself (so they'll become part of the novel, naturally).  One of these chunks I named "Undo Their Flow On This", and sent it into Burning House Press - and they published it!   

That's right!  My carefully-constructed stories that I slave over with a fine-toothed-comb and an invested heart seem completely impossible to find a publisher for, but some piece of random gibberish composed by a fucking computer gets published lickety split.  Which is awesome, of course, but still.  


ANYWAY, point is, I got something published.  And here it is:


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